3 ways healthy living can help you lose 5 pounds

3 ways healthy living can help you lose 5 pounds

Swimsuit season is just around the corner – are you ready? Each year, millions of people make a resolution to lose weight by the summer. Want to jump-start your weight loss regimen? Here are five ways you can lose five pounds.

Note: Always consult with your doctor before starting any sort of weight loss regimen, or making significant dietary changes. Your doctor may often have extremely useful advice about what type of weight loss program would work best for your body type and activity level.

Eat a High-Protein, Low-Fat Breakfast

Thousands of weight-loss experts can’t be wrong – eating breakfast actually does help you lose weight. Not only will it help get your metabolism on track – eating breakfast actually reduces the number of calories that you consume per day. However, as with any meal, you need to make healthy choices. Stick to a low-fat, high-protein breakfast, such as:

  • Egg white scramble with spinach and low-fat cheese
  • Fat-free Greek yoghurt with blueberries

Ramp Up Your Activity Level

Many people don’t get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day. If you’re not in great shape, start with some low-impact exercise. For example, take a 30-minute walk each day, or spend 30 minutes on your feet. When you’re ready, start up an active exercise routine – which could involve at-home cardio or a subscription to your local gym.

Say No to Sugar

Cutting simple carbohydrates from your diet has become the basis for many “fad diets” and health regimen programs. The thing is – cutting sugar out of your diet does actually help you lose weight. Eating foods high in sugar actually causes you to eat more, even when you’re not actually hungry. Start by cutting out things like:

  • Muffins
  • Cookies
  • Soda
  • Juice with Added Sugar

For some people, simply cutting down on the amount of sugar they consume each day was enough to kick-start their weight-loss program.

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