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Physiotherapy lower leg
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What is Invisalign Singapore?

Today we are going to focus on modern dental solutions, like Invisalign. Parents always have some strict requirements about their children teeth hygiene. Unfortunately, no matter how precise we brush out teeth sometimes some imperfections are inevitable. Most of them, of course, is genetic – like a cross bite or…

Hip replacement
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hats and hair loss

Top hair loss myths

We are trying to live more and more informed life and every myth or misbelief ruins all efforts. Hair loss is a significant problem from ages. We have found pieces of evidence that ancient people have had the same problem. However, the only advantage we might extract from this information…

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Droopy Eyelid Exercises

The human body is a great machine. We don’t have unnecessary part or limb – every hair, nail or piece of skin has its own purpose. For example, eyelids are protecting eyes from dirt and damages. They have a significant role in our healthy eyes and vision, although we pay…

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Revision in rhinoplasty price list

Changing and reshaping the nose has always been a dream for hundreds of people. Actually, they are not hundreds they are millions because data shows that only in USA people who have a nose job every year are more than 200,000. Patients choose some amazing nose, go with the photo…

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Threadlift is a substitution of Facelift

Aesthetic medicine has evolved so much over the last decades that we should be proud of the quality medicine we have today. It was not so long ago when the plastic surgeon was considered as bad magicians who don’t appreciate the natural beauty. Today, they are exactly the people who…