Being an angry drunk is actually based on science

Being an angry drunk is actually based on science

We’ve all heard the stereotypes for the personality changes people experience while intoxicated.

There’s the “sad drunk”, the “happy drunk” and even the “crazy drunk”. Well, scientists have actually found some basis for people that have been categorized as getting angry when they drink alcohol.

Drinking doesn’t cause a person’s personality to do a complete turnaround, however.

According to the study, people who are impulsive, “live in the moment” personality types are more likely to exhibit angry emotions while intoxicated.

This is actually based around the scientific fact that alcohol can increase aggression levels. When you increase aggression in someone with a certain personality type, it can manifest as anger or frustration.

The individuals in the study did not have a past history of substance abuse and did not take any other drugs or medications.

Here’s an explanation of why the results of the study make sense:

That’s because alcohol is a disinhibitor, explains New York City psychiatrist and regular TODAY contributor Dr. Gail Saltz. It doesn’t cause a personality trait; it reveals what’s already there, hiding somewhere inside your personality. A drunk friend may appear to be acting out of character, but we don’t know what that person might be keeping under wraps, Saltz explains.

It would be interesting to see what the personality type is for someone who is stereotyped as a “crazy drunk”.