• Revision in rhinoplasty price list

    nose job results

    Changing and reshaping the nose has always been a dream for hundreds of people. Actually, they are not hundreds they are millions because data shows that only in USA people who have a nose job every year are more than 200,000. Patients choose some amazing nose, go with the photo to their plastic surgeon, he tells them the price and makes an appointment for the surgery. The rest is cutting, reshaping and stitching. Of course, results are usually aesthetic beautiful nose that is almost the same as the model. However, top rhinoplasty surgeons in Singapore offer different prices for the same procedure based on their experience and the popularity of the clinic, so we decided to look around the world for foreign prices in foreign clinics.

    Plastic surgery price list

    Have you heard about Latvia? It is a small country in Europe with amazing plastic surgeons and it is also cheap. You can have a brand-new nose for just 1,800 EUR in a week. Not only you will save a few dollars but also you are going sightseeing in beautiful Riga.

    Turkey is the next stop

    As part of both Europa and Asia, Turkey has some pretty good modern clinics. Many international medical brands have chosen the country to open clinics. Fresh plastic surgery specialists acquire their education around the world and come back home to provide a good care for people who desire to alter their noses. Having international experience is always a good idea so you can have a professional nose job for 2300 EUR. Sounds amazing, right?

    There is nothing that Germans can’t do better

    Although it is just a saying, there is some truth hiding in it. Having a rhinoplasty in Germany exposes you to a chance to be a patient of some of the world-famous plastic surgeons. Germans medical care is one of the best in the world and of course, the prices are a bit higher. You may spend 3100 EUR for the procedure. Don’t forget that this is the average cost so differences may occur due to the proficiency of the plastic surgeon. If you want a celebrity to make your nose, you have to pay for that.

    Ireland’s rhinoplasty is the most expensive

    Comparing to the Europe countries Ireland stays at the top of the price list of plastic surgeries. Not only, rhinoplasty is more expensive but every other medical procedure might break your cash box. If you are ready to travel and to be a part of so-called medical tourism, we don’t see a reason to give 4,400 EUR for a procedure in Ireland. Probably, the prices are so high because their women are gorgeous.

    Having a rhinoplasty or going to the beach?

    Brazil and Mexico are popular destinations for a nose job procedure especially if you are party animal and need a constant party around you. People who had a rhinoplasty in Brazil are more than 8% and in Mexico are 5.3% of all people who have the procedure at all. The price in both countries is less than it is the USA so many Americans use the opportunity. The average price is 1,500 USD. As you probably know in Canada the price of medical procedures is also higher so Canadians are other regular clients. However, Brazil and Mexico have a strong foundation in good plastic surgeries so as long as you choose a proper clinic you will be in good hands.

    Do you know which country is the nose job capital of the word?



    Iran’s cost for a nose job is 1450 USD and as you may expect many people from Europe and the USA visit the country. Although Iran has some strong rules about women behaviour and rights, there is no problem with medical tourists. Everyone can use Iran’s cheap rhinoplasty and medical care. Data shows that more than 10% of people, who had a rhinoplasty, visit Iran every year.

    What about Asia?

    The Best rhinoplasty is in Singapore but comparing to other countries the price is a bit higher.

    The cheapest rhinoplasty in Singapore is around $8,000 and the most expensive could reach $20,000. These prices include local anaesthesia and the plastic surgeon’s fee. Of course, it strongly depends on the clinic because as in Germany, in Singapore there are many famous surgeons who have a really high fee. You can figure out the whole picture reading about rhinoplasty cost in Singapore on rhinoplastys.net. As we already mentioned, if you want your nose to be reshaped by a celebrity, there is a price to be paid.

    How many people had a rhinoplasty?

    More than 930,000 had a nose job surgery somewhere in the world. This number represents 8% of all plastic surgeries so you can imagine how big percentage is that. Although we strongly believe that men and women have equal participation in the plastic surgery market developing, the data shows that women are 70% while men who had the procedure are only 30%.

    What should I look for in medical tourism offers?

    Look for a quality. Cheaper offer is not always the best especially when it comes to a medical tourism and your health. Although rhinoplasty is not a heart surgery, it is under anaesthesia so it is still dangerous. Look for excellent hospitality because this means that the clinic has already a certain experience with patients from other countries. When you choose the destination, choose the clinic carefully, too. Don’t jump on the cheapest clinic only because you have chosen an expensive destination. Next step is choosing a good surgeon with international experience, like Dr Samuel Ho in Singapore, for example. He has international education and experience in rhinoplasty procedures. Many people along with the rhinoplasty want to undergo at least one more plastic surgery. If you are one of them, make sure that your surgeon has experience in both. Being the best in the only one means you are sacrificing the second. The quality of healthcare in one country is something really easy to find out. Just use online materials and read more about the most famous surgeons in the country and you will get the right impressions.

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  • Threadlift is a substitution of Facelift

    threadlift needed

    Aesthetic medicine has evolved so much over the last decades that we should be proud of the quality medicine we have today. It was not so long ago when the plastic surgeon was considered as bad magicians who don’t appreciate the natural beauty. Today, they are exactly the people who highly appreciate it. One plastic surgery is well made when the patient natural beauty is highlighted not hidden. Every professional surgeon will confirm that in the early day of plastic surgery there are things that shouldn’t have happened – like too many silicons, fillers or not human facial features. However, today we are witnesses of aesthetic surgery exactly what it should be. More treatments are modern and non-invasive and don’t have recovery time at all. Thread lift, for example, is a complete substitute to the facelift without stitches and recovery time.

    What is Korean thread lift?

    Korean thread lift, also called La Racine Threadlift, is able to volume up facial fat easily. Ageing causes to our faces things we don’t like and can’t control. Areas around the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks lose puffiness and people start to lose self-esteem. Not only skin loses vitality, but connective tissue loses thickness and of course, results are not good. Korean thread lift uses degrading threads that give back perfect shape of the face. In addition, they are made by a substance that provokes skin cells to start producing collagen again. Collagen production is essential for skin vitality. Unfortunately, ageing has something in common with collagen amount and they don’t love each other too much. In other words, as we age, collagen in the cells decreases.

    What is the difference between thread lift and facelift?

    OK, these two are completely different procedures. As we said, Korean Threadlift, the one, which is performed in Singapore, is a non-invasive method without incisions and cutting the skin. A facelift is something else – it is a surgery. As every typical surgery, there is a downtime for recovery after the surgery and cutting and stitching. The surgeon will tighten your skin manually and will stitch it to your forehead with few incisions. Of course, it is delicate procedure but in general, this is the explanation. Korean Threadlift in Singapore is something that is cheaper and doesn’t have recovery time at all. Thread lifts are injected and all that is left are few dots from the injection but they vanish fast. Today, this procedure is more popular than the surgical facelift because it has more benefits and fewer downsides. It is worth checking, right?

    How long will I see the effect?

    The shortest answer is 2 years. First 6 months thread lifts will degrade and will release the collagen and collagen stimulating substance. Next year or year and a half skin cells will produce more collagen and the skin will look refreshed and vital. Surgical facelift lasts longer but it doesn’t stop ageing. In a few years the skin will go on to lose volume and new signs on ageing will appear. Of course, a surgical facelift is way more expensive than thread lift because of the complexity of the surgery.

    How much time will I lose?

    If you choose to undergo a Korean thread lift in Singapore you should make a good research and find the best dermatologist. He will know exactly how to position the threads to achieve the results you want. In Singapore, Korean thread lift is a popular procedure so you should expect to find many good surgeons. However, the best option is to find the one who had the most experience and most happy patients. This way you will be sure that you are in good hands. The procedure itself is long less than an hour and you can immediately go back to your daily life without any side effect that may reveal what you have done with your face.

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  • Nose Filler vs Nose Thread Lift: Which is More Suitable for You

    woman with beautiful nose

    Nose fillers and nose thread lifts are nonsurgical options for getting a beautiful nose. There are plenty of people across the globe, and in Asia especially, who aspire to enhance their complexions. Since the nose happens to be in the centre of the face, it is probably the first thing that gets noticed. Luckily, the latest medical technology allows for non-invasive nose jobs which provide long-lasting results and require little to no downtime. But what is the difference between them and who are they suitable for? Read on to find out more about fillers and thread lifts for nose enhancement.

    What Are Nose Fillers?

    A nose filler is a nonsurgical procedure people undergo for cosmetic purposes. It comes in the form of injections that patients receive to improve their noses. Although the treatment is non-invasive, it’s best to be performed by a trained skin doctor. More often than not, a session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, meaning you can have the treatment on your lunch break if you wish. So convenient.

    Use of fillers:

    • To enhance nasal contour and tip projection
    • To straighten bumpy or bent nasal bridge
    • To improve other small nasal deformities

    For your comfort and peace of mind, the doctor will numb the treatment area with an anaesthetic cream. In other words, you’re unlikely to feel any pain during the procedure. Mind you, however, that you may experience a little bit of a biting sensation because of the needles. The good news is, once the treatment is over, you can return to your normal daily activities right away. That is, no downtime is required.

    Side effects

    It is important to note, this treatment might produce side effects such as bruising and redness. That’s nothing to worry about, though. They will subside in a few days. In the meantime, if you want to hide them, the good old foundation will come to your rescue.

    Please note that the above paragraph does not address side effects that may occur due to lack of expertise. If the procedure is not executed correctly, blindness and skin necrosis are both possible drawbacks.

    Materials used

    Now, most of the nose fillers these days are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is naturally produced in the body. This narrows down the chances of patients developing an allergic reaction. Aesthetic clinics in Singapore, in particular, use these products because they are mouldable and firm, adding to a more natural look.

    In addition, there are silicone fillers, which give permanent results. But some physicians advise strongly against using these. For one, silicone is not a natural substance and may generate a ton of side effects, not to mention pose a health threat to your body. Another reason against this type of fillers is that they are difficult to remove.


    The results begin to show immediately, and the good thing is no one will be able to tell you had a nose enhancement. This is because the effects are as close to natural as possible. But here is something to keep in mind. One procedure is likely to last up to 12 months, the reason being the body will absorb the hyaluronic acid at some point. So, if you want to maintain the results, you have to repeat the procedure approximately every nine months.

    What Are Nose Thread Lifts?

    A nose thread is a substance made of polydioxanone (an absorbable chemical). It is inserted into the nose tip or bridge to make the nose more appealing to look at.

    It is fair to say that nose thread lifts work twofold. Not only do they help shape, lift and contour your nose immediately, but they aid the creation of collagen, which further enhances your complexion. Basically, these threads dissolve in time. And when they do, new collagen forms. As a result of that, the skin becomes smoother and tighter, additionally helping with the nose’s contour and definition.

    Use of nose thread lifts:

    • Higher nose bridge
    • Straighter nose profile
    • Making the nose tip smaller and sharper by lifting it
    • Better nose bridge definition


    Similarly to nose fillers, this procedure delivers immediate results. The embedded threads will most likely dissolve after eight months or so. But that won’t affect the way your nose looks right off the bat. On the contrary, it will stay nice and lifted for another year. And if you repeat the treatment sooner than that, you might actually prolong this period. It’s even possible to achieve some permanent lifting if you ensure that collagen production never ceases.

    Side effects

    If the threads are not embedded properly into the skin, this may cause extrusion, migration, and infection.

    What to Ask Your Doctor when looking for Nose Thread Lifts?

    These two types of cosmetic treatments are growing in popularity among Asians who want to “fix” their ill-defined noses. In Singapore solely, there are a number of healthcare facilities offering non-surgical nose jobs to address different problems. As the trend is continuing to grow in and outside of Asia, choosing the right doctor is of utmost importance. Singapore health portal DoctorXDentist has a complete guide about nose fillers and nose thread lifts. Alongside with example video how Dr Chua Cheng Yu trains foreign doctors on nose threads:

    Here is what to look out for:

    • Ask your doctor what threads or fillers they are going to use
    • Show them your medical record
    • Discuss any possible complications
    • Ask them about their experience
    • Ask about some before and after pictures of previous patients
    • Make sure to choose a specialist with a proven track record

    Bottom Line

    Generally speaking, both treatments are non-invasive and able to yield satisfactory results in some patients. A nose filler is suitable for height and volume, whereas a thread lift serves to achieve greater definition and contouring. They do have their advantages and disadvantages, though. Don’t forget about the risks. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, there is always room for mistakes. Weigh down the pros and cons to see if you will be okay with the outcome and its possible downsides. Last but not least, always consult with a certified and trained skin specialist. They know best. They will tell you if you are suitable for either of the procedures, answering any additional questions you may have.

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  • Standing during pregnancy tied to poor infant growth

    A new study conducted in the Netherlands suggests that standing for long hours may be connected to the poor growth of an infant during pregnancy.

    For the study, researchers looked at women who stood for long hours for work or other reasons. On average, these women birthed babies that had heads that were 1 centimetre smaller than the average baby’s head circumference.

    There was another interesting finding that was highlighted in this study. Women who worked over 25 hours per week tended to have babies that weighed (on average) five to seven ounces less than babies from mothers who worked less than 25 hours per week.

    Studies conducted previously showed connections between long work hours and:

    • Low birth weight
    • Premature Birth
    • Birth Defects

    However, this recent study did not find any connection between standing and any of these complications. It seems that they’re only related to working long hours, whether standing or sitting.

    Among the jobs that required the most standing were teaching, childcare and sales positions.

    The study did not measure stress as a factor.

    Since this study was conducted in the Netherlands, it would be advisable to try to replicate these results in studies performed in other countries.

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  • Untreatable gonorrhea spreading from Japan

    Until recently, gonorrhoea was an easily treatable sexually transmitted disease.

    Standard treatment involved several doses of antibiotics. However, recently scientists have been documenting the spread of “untreatable” gonorrhoea, which has grown resistant to most standard treatments.

    In 2008, an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhoea was discovered in Japan. It was classified as a “superbug” since it didn’t respond to any conventional treatments.

    “This organism has basically been developing resistance against every medication we’ve thrown at it,” said Dr Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan, a scientist in the agency’s department of sexually transmitted diseases. This includes a group of antibiotics called cephalosporins currently considered the last line of treatment. – NBC News

    Since 2008, many other countries have reported encountering gonorrhoea that’s resistant to antibiotics. Affected countries include:

    • Japan
    • Australia
    • France
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Britain

    As of right now, antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea hasn’t been detected in the United States.

    More than 106 million people are infected with gonorrhoea each year, with around 700,000 of these cases being in the United States. If the spread of this particular strain of gonorrhoea continues, it could transform into a significant threat to public health.

    If left untreated, gonorrhoea can cause a number of potentially serious complications, especially for pregnant women.

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  • How to lose weight after a baby

    The average woman will gain around 30 to 35 pounds during her pregnancy.

    After your baby is born, you might be wondering when your extra “baby weight” will start to disappear. Here are a few tips to help you shed those unwanted pounds after having a baby.

    Use Caution.

    While you may be wanting to shed your extra baby weight right away, you do need to use caution. Most health practitioners don’t recommend limiting your calorie intake or starting a new diet until your baby is at least two months old. Some health experts even recommend waiting until your baby is 3-6 months old. Drastically cutting your calories or changing your diet before this time could result in health problems, as well as a drop in your milk supply if you’re breastfeeding. As always, you should consult with your health practitioner before starting a diet or exercise routine.


    If you’re able, you should try to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding can burn from 300 to 500 calories per day, which will help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster. Some babies may even consume 700-850 calories per day from breastmilk! Breastfeeding has numerous other health benefits, such as reducing your baby’s chance of being obese, and even reducing your risk for breast cancer.

    Eat Healthier.

    This may seem like a given, but eating healthier after your baby is born is a great way to help kick-start your weight loss. You can continue the “snacking” habits you most likely gained during pregnancy – just make healthier choices. For example, try replacing corn chips with kale chips, and replacing traditional mayonnaise with lower-fat olive oil mayonnaise. You can even pre-cut veggie snacks (like celery and carrots) to have available when you feel like munching.

    Get Support.

    Online communities like MyFitnessPal are a great way to log your calories and daily exercise, while allowing you to set custom goals for yourself. You can track your progress, and even connect with other people who have similar fitness goals.

    Give Yourself A Break.

    Above all, don’t stress out about your post-baby weight. You just accomplished something amazing by bringing your baby into the world! With a few lifestyle changes, your baby weight will eventually disappear, and you’ll be back in your skinny jeans again.

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  • Ecstasy drug causes serious memory issues, study shows

    A new study highlighted in the scientific publication Addiction shows what many researchers may already have guessed – the drug called ‘Ecstasy’ most likely causes serious memory problems.

    This study is significant because it also proves that Ecstasy can actually change the brain, which has been a controversial theory among researchers until now.

    The new results offer some of the best evidence yet that the drug can change the brain, says psychiatric neuroscientist Ronald Cowan of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. “It’s been very, very difficult to convince people that there’s a causative effect of the drug,” he says. “This adds strong evidence to that.”  – Science News

    It’s theorized that Ecstasy causes serious issues in the brain, mostly related to the chemical messenger called serotonin.

    In the study, participants that used an average of 33 Ecstasy tablets over a year-long period scored far worse in memory tests – both for short-term and long-term tests. This is considered light to moderate use for most Ecstasy users.

    Though the study’s results are interesting, more research is needed. If this effect could be replicated in a similar study, more information could be gained on what type of effects Ecstasy has on brain functions over long periods of time.


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  • How many calories does a 6 to 12 month old baby need?

    As a parent, it’s important to understand that every child is different.

    Many babies will reach milestones at varying ages, and it’s normal to become concerned when your baby isn’t in the “normal” range for learning a particular skill. Babies have different eating habits as well – some babies need more calories than others. In general, a 6 to 12-month-old baby needs a set amount of calories to maintain good growth.

    How Many Calories Does My 6 to 12-Month-Old Need?

    According to Seattle Children’s Hospital, around 6 months a baby’s growth slows to about 1.5 to 1.75 lbs of weight gain each month. This rate of growth is usually maintained until your child’s first birthday. Here are the calorie recommendations for 6-12-month-old babies:

    • Baby Boys:825 – 920 calories per day
    • Baby Girls:765 – 865 calories per day


    Calorie Variables

    Some babies may be at the higher or lower end of this spectrum. In general, if your baby is heavier than average, your baby’s calorie requirements will be higher. Babies in the lower weight range will require fewer calories per day in order to maintain their rate of growth. The calorie recommendations for baby girls are lower because baby girls tend to have a smaller body frame than baby boys.

    Breastmilk, Formula or Solid Food?

    In general, babies at this age will be drinking around 24 to 36 oz of breastmilk or formula per day, along with 2-4 tablespoons of solid food.

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  • Should I stop nursing my baby to sleep?

    Most breastfeeding mothers soon discover the magical sleep-inducing power of breastmilk.

    As your baby sleepily dozes off at your chest, you may begin to wonder if you’re creating a bad habit by nursing your baby to sleep. You may even hear that nursing to sleep should be avoided by relatives, baby trainers and other people offering you advice. With all of this conflicting information, should you feel guilty about nursing your baby to sleep?

    Why Babies Nurse to Sleep

    There are some interesting scientific reasons why your baby falls asleep while nursing. A study published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience examined three different nucleotides found in breastmilk, and the findings were surprising. The milk you offer your baby changes throughout the day to offer different levels of certain components. This means that in the morning, your baby may receive milk that contains compounds that stimulate activity. At night, your baby will be receiving compounds that induce sleep.

    Babies also fall asleep while nursing because breastfeeding offers a safe, warm source of comfort. A baby’s need to suckle is very instinctual and helps your baby deal with stressful or overly stimulating situations.

    Is it Bad to Nurse to Sleep?

    There’s no evidence that babies who nurse to sleep will not learn to fall asleep on their own. There’s a lot of focus on the issue of “self-soothing”, especially when it comes to nursing to sleep. Basically, it comes down to what you’re comfortable with as a mother. Babies who nurse to sleep will eventually learn to fall asleep on their own. Having the desire to fall asleep without nursing is a developmental milestone that all babies will reach when they’re ready.

    However, if nursing to sleep is making you resentful or uncomfortable, it’s okay to work on changing it. Don’t feel pressured to stop nursing to sleep because people tell you it’s a bad habit – instead, pay attention to your baby’s cues and decide if it’s still a comfortable behaviour for your parenting style.

    Some great info about comfort nursing and nursing to sleep can be found over at KellyMom.


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  • Stress at work will make you age faster, study confirms

    It’s nearly 5:00, and you’re watching the clock. In a few blissful minutes, your terrible workday will be over, and you’ll get to retreat to the comfort of home.

    This scenario is familiar to millions of Americans who are dissatisfied with their current occupations.

    However, it’s just now being confirmed that working a stressful job actually does have real effects on how fast your body ages.

    Stress has already been implicated in lowering immune function, negatively affecting your cardiovascular system and possibly raising your risk for cancer. This new study cites a stressful job as being the catalyst for damaging cell DNA that’s critical for keeping us in good health.

    Here are the findings of this study:

    “A study led by Kirsi Ahola of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health measured the length of DNA sections called telomeres and how the lengths varied in association with job stress. It found that people with the most job stress tended to have shorter telomeres.” – TODAY Health (Full Study Results Here)

    This is important because telomeres typically shorten with age or after exposure to oxidation. If the telomeres become extremely short, the cell often dies. If the cell doesn’t die, the short telomere causes it to function incorrectly, further damaging the body.

    Telomere shortening has been associated with many health disorders, including diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s and heart disease. This means that by working a stressful job, you could be raising your risk for these age-related health disorders.

    Other types of stress can also contribute to short telomeres.

    Stressing about money, marriage or relationship problems, health problems or the stress of past trauma can also contribute to shorter telomeres. Interestingly enough, men tend to have shorter telomeres than women.

    It’s no secret that stress has become a problem for our society’s mental and physical health. However, it hasn’t really been the focus of many federal health initiatives. If stress has become a contributing factor for so many possibly devastating health issues, reducing stress should become our primary focus.

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