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  • CDC Still Unable to Find Cause of Morgellons Skin Disease

    After spending four years (and about $600,000) on an extensive study of the skin disease dubbed “Morgellons”, the CDC announced that they still don’t have any answers.

    Morgellons is a skin disorder that involves “fibres” protruding from the skin, and it can also cause abnormal skin lesions.

    The study did find the Morgellons is not contagious, though the CDC still doesn’t know what causes this strange disorder.

    The researchers involved “found no infectious or environmental link to Morgellons”, according to the published report.

    Morgellons has been one of the most widely discussed disorders among conspiracy theorists, who believe that the government is trying to cover up the “true cause” of the disorder.

    As of right now, the CDC has said that they’re continuing their investigation of Morgellons skin disease.

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  • Is Baby Acne Normal?

    Several days after a baby is born (and the relatives have all come to admire the new family member), some parents are shocked to see acne-like pimples develop on their baby’s skin. These marks may be pus-filled whiteheads, small red bumps or a rash-like discolouration on a baby’s face. Is this normal?

    Thankfully, baby “acne” is perfectly normal and doesn’t necessarily signify that your baby has an underlying health condition.

    Baby acne is usually caused by immature sebaceous glands, which are still developing in your baby’s skin. Baby acne is also thought  As your baby gets older, this acne should disappear.

    However, if the rash gets worse, or there are areas of raw, broken skin, you should always contact your paediatrician right away to schedule an appointment.

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