Droopy Eyelid Exercises

Droopy Eyelid Exercises

The human body is a great machine. We don’t have unnecessary part or limb – every hair, nail or piece of skin has its own purpose. For example, eyelids are protecting eyes from dirt and damages. They have a significant role in our healthy eyes and vision, although we pay them attention only if we notice trouble in them. The eyelids cover eyes while we are sleeping and reassure the proper hydration of the eyes. Dry eyes are not healthy – they prevent vision and can cause a pain. However, human eyelids are mostly trouble-free except they become drooping. The health condition is called blepharoptosis, which means “eyelid falling” in Greek. The advanced form of droopy eyelids is not reversible without surgery but if you have felt that the process is just starting, then you could try some exercises. We summed up the best droopy eyelid exercises and you can read more about them below.

Muscles are controlling eyelids, so they need exercising

eye muscles

As it might seem impossible, actually tiny muscles are responsible for your eyelids movement. Muscle strength is not a gift – people have to fight for it. The case is identical with all muscles in the human body. After you gain muscle strength you will get lifting, too.

However, the first thing is warm up

Tiny muscles don’t need a huge warm up. You might give them a light massage in order to strengthen blood circulation. The massage will soften muscles and will warm them. Actually, this is the aim of every warm-up but for bigger muscles, we need bigger stimulation in order to get enough blood circulation and higher temperature.

Muscle stimulation

Concentrated movements are helping the eyelid muscles to tighten. The effect is muscle shortening and blepharoptosis becomes just a bad nightmare. Some people use their electric toothbrushes to stimulate the eyelids. However, we recommend you to do it naturally.

Widely open your eyelids, as if you just saw something incredible. Now, lift your eyebrows as high as possible – as if this incredible thing was the best surprise you have ever had. Stay like this for 5 seconds and release slowly. Tip: Perform it when no one is looking because people will ask you questions.

Resistance exercises

Here, the most important word is not resistance but constancy. If you desire to cope with ptosis, you have to be persistent and to work out every single hour. Lift your eyebrows and put your index finger under them. Press a little. Now, try to close your eyes. What you should feel is resistance. Repeat it at least 10 times with each eye. Blinking often is another thing, which you can use to get rid of droopy eyelids. Tip: If you are working on a computer blinking is 50% more important so don’t forget it.


droopy eyelids exercise

Yoga exercise for droopy eyelids

Yoga has exercises for almost everything, including the eyelids. Eye health is important for the prosperity of the human body so it is not a surprise that yoga masters have created an exercise for eyes. If you know what yoga is, you may not be surprised also, that this exercise is based on the process of focusing. You have to find some static object and try to stare at it for a few minutes. Don’t move your focus away and you will start to feel your eyelids work with you.

Genes might cause blepharoptosis

Although, we consider it possible to control droopy eyelids with enough exercising sometimes genes are stubborn and could strengthen the process of droopiness. Ageing and heredity might force some people to look for additional methods in order to lift their eyelids. If you have parents with droopy eyelids, exercises might not be enough. Except for a cosmetic issue, they might prevent vision so it is important to pay them attention as soon as possible. When it comes to vision, you should know that the slightest difference might cause annoying restrictions.

In addition, some diseases might be guilty of appearing of the droopy eyelids – glaucoma could be a reason, myasthenia gravis, some neurological diseases, Botox that gone bad, diabetes and stroke. As you may see, numerous health conditions might provoke loosening exact these muscles and it is not a rare event at all.