Ecstasy drug causes serious memory issues, study shows

Ecstasy drug causes serious memory issues, study shows

A new study highlighted in the scientific publication Addiction shows what many researchers may already have guessed – the drug called ‘Ecstasy’ most likely causes serious memory problems.

This study is significant because it also proves that Ecstasy can actually change the brain, which has been a controversial theory among researchers until now.

The new results offer some of the best evidence yet that the drug can change the brain, says psychiatric neuroscientist Ronald Cowan of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. “It’s been very, very difficult to convince people that there’s a causative effect of the drug,” he says. “This adds strong evidence to that.”  – Science News

It’s theorized that Ecstasy causes serious issues in the brain, mostly related to the chemical messenger called serotonin.

In the study, participants that used an average of 33 Ecstasy tablets over a year-long period scored far worse in memory tests – both for short-term and long-term tests. This is considered light to moderate use for most Ecstasy users.

Though the study’s results are interesting, more research is needed. If this effect could be replicated in a similar study, more information could be gained on what type of effects Ecstasy has on brain functions over long periods of time.