A Guide to Eye Bag Removal Surgery in Singapore

A Guide to Eye Bag Removal Surgery in Singapore

Eye bag removal surgery is a popular treatment in Singapore. Not only are more and more people opting for eye bag removal, but there are also more and more people that do it for cosmetic reasons.

While many of the eye bag removal surgeries performed in Singapore are due to cosmetic reasons, there are medical reasons why you might opt for eye bag removal too. In this article, we take a closer look at eye bag removal, what your options are and what some of the side-effects might be.

What is eye bag removal surgery?

Eye bag removal surgery is a surgery that removes eye bags or sagging eyelids. It’s often performed in a hospital, but cosmetic surgery clinics in Singapore such as Allure Plastic Surgery are becoming more and more popular due to the specialised knowledge they bring to the table. The treatment can be both cosmetic or medical in some cases.

What causes eye bags?

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There are many different causes of eye bags, the main one being aging. As we age, the skin loosens and muscles grow weaker. This can result in bags starting to form under your eye. Fluid and fat can also travel from around your eye to underneath your eye to cause bags to form or worsen already existing bags under the eye.

Smoking, a lack of sleep and allergies have also been shown to increase the chances of developing eye bags. There are also certain genetic traits that may make you more prone to the condition.

Medical vs cosmetic reasons

Eye bags are usually no cause for concern. There are many aesthetic reasons why you may want to remove them, but in most cases there is no medical reason. However, if the bags are severe or are causing pain, there may be a reason to see the procedure as a medical one instead of a purely cosmetic procedure.

Droopy eyelids are a different story, as they can often get so severe that they impair a person’s vision. If this is the case, you are usually eligible for a medical procedure.

Surgical vs non-surgical treatments

There are a variety of treatment options for eye bags offered in Singapore. Some are more common than others, but we’ll only discuss the most common procedures here. We’ve divided this section up into two sections – Surgical and non-surgical.


Surgical eye bag removal treatments involve the surgeon removing excess fat or fluid from underneath your eye. If the issues occur on the eyelids, the same procedure is followed. Eye bag removal surgery is very effective and the risks are fairly low.


There are a few non-surgical alternatives too, but these are often temporary and less effective than their surgical counterpart. If the bags under your eyes are large, surgery is often the only option to remove them.

Scarless eye bag removal (lower blepharoplasty surgery)

Lower blepharoplasty surgery

Scarless eye bag removal is relatively new but is extremely effective at removing eye bags without the scars or many of the side-effects that come with normal surgery. It uses a hyper thin laser to remove the fat and water inside the eye bags through a tiny hole. This leaves almost no mark after completion.

Another advantage of this treatment is the short recovery time, which is far less than conventional eye bag removal surgery.

Although this treatment is very effective for people who still have relatively good skin, it’s often not an option for people with very large eye bags, or people with lower levels of skin elasticity.

The risks and side-effect

Aside from the normal risks that come with surgery, there are a few risks and side-effects that are notable to mention. Scarring is the first, as this is an important possible side effect for cosmetic procedures. Luckily though, most experienced surgeons will be able to limit your scarring in most cases.

There’s also the small risk of eye muscles being damaged, and a temporary reduction of vision due to the procedure. These are often temporary and occur on rare occasion.

How much does it cost in Singapore?

Although many of the methods mentioned in this article are considerably less expensive, eye bag removal surgery can cost $2000 or more in Singapore, depending on how experienced the surgeon is and what your individual situation is. Please request a quote to receive an overview of the costs in your situation.


Eye bags are a common occurrence among Singaporean men and women. Luckily, this is often limited to a cosmetic issue, and not a medical one. However, regardless of the reason you would like to remove the bags under your eyes, we hope that this article has helped educate you on the options and the procedure.