High Blood Pressure May Cause Social Awkwardness

High Blood Pressure May Cause Social Awkwardness

In an interesting study, scientists have discovered that having high blood pressure may actually change the way you perceive emotions.

The study was published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine and displayed a surprising propensity of test subjects with high blood pressure to have difficulty recognizing different emotions. The test subjects not only had trouble reading emotions from a text – they also had a hard time discerning between different facial emotions displayed in photographs.

This interesting result is called “emotional dampening”, which means that a person can have reduced effects to both positive and negative life events.

Emotional dampening victims also show reduced reactions to pain, fear and stressful situations.

The test subjects with high blood pressure showed marked signs of emotional dampening, as well as a lack of social sensitivity. This is interesting since it could change the way they’re able to interact with others on a social level. For example, they may be unable to read key cues to when a person is joking, which could cause them to become offended or upset. Also, they could have trouble conveying humour without offending other parties.