Hip Replacement Surgery Alternatives

Hip Replacement Surgery Alternatives

Hip arthritis is painful but it is not life-threatening. Although many people are diagnosed with some form of arthritis, they are not forced to undergo hip replacement surgery. Something else, most people are ready to prolong the time until they experience a severe pain. The truth is that hip replacement surgery is not a mandatory treatment and there is a list of alternatives.

When your doctor has to recommend you hip replacement surgery?

hip xray pathology

Hips and knees are complex structures so we have to be careful not to injury or damage them. Ageing causes wearing of cartilages, so it could be an additional reason for existing pain. However, there are many criteria, that might provoke your doctor to recommend you hip replacement surgery, but only a few of them are approved by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The first one is existing hip pain that prevents the patient from some daily routine – walking, for example. The second one is the condition that the pain will be so strong that the patient will feel it while he or she is resting. The pain has to be induced by stiffness in the hip area. After some tests and a discussion, the surgeon might give the patient some guidelines what exactly is hip replacement surgery and tell him about the alternatives. We may surprise you with the information that pain relief pills actually help arthritis to destroy cartilages. The continuing use of corticosteroids leads to degenerating the hips and knees.

So what are other alternatives to get rid of pain and not having hip replacement surgery?

Choosing a non-surgical treatment

Living with severe pain is not actually an option but living with pain that might be controlled is not so bad. Exactly, at this stage doctors recommend corticosteroids. Except for them, there are more methods able to help, like joint supplements and physical exercises. Actually, easy and careful work out will 100% help with the pain because it will make muscles stronger and will reduce the stiffness.

Hip replacement surgery

structure of the artificial hip joint

This surgery is alternative to hip replacement surgery because the implant is smaller and smaller part is removed. Usually, younger people prefer this surgery because it is considered for more gentle.


Having this surgery means that your hip socket is not damaged. Here, surgeon change only the ball of the ball-and-socket hip. That’s why this is more like an example of exception but it is totally possible alternative to hip replacement surgery.


In the past, this surgery was more popular. Arthrodesis has interesting results because the patient is limping after it, but he is able to perform physically demanding tasks. The surgeon uses metal screws and plate to immobilize the hip completely. The benefit is that the hip heals completely and it can’t wear out like implants or biological cartilage.

Gridlestone Procedure

This procedure is one of these that surgeons undergo when there is an uncontrolled infection. They have no other chance but to cut away all infected tissue around the hip joint. In response, the body fills the empty space with scar tissue. Unfortunately, moving this hip becomes almost impossible so patients who had Gridlestone procedure have to move around with crutches.

Realigning hip bones

The medical name of this surgery is hip osteotomy. Early arthritis usually is appearing because of something else has caused it. Hip dysplasia, for example, could be a reason. Unfortunately,  infants are affected by hip dysplasia. Realigning hip bones is the best surgery for these cases.

We have listed just a few medical treatments which are alternatives for hip replacement surgery. There are many more, like stem cell therapy, which is still new and constantly developing the procedure. If you want a real medical opinion the best thing you can do is to book an appointment for a specialist. He will run some tests and examine you physically and then will tell you what your alternatives are. If you have done that already but you can choose neither of options then you might want to check new treatments or wait until something new conquers the market. We can’t promise you that this will happen soon but we are 100% sure that medical treatments are the fastest evolving and changing studies today.