How do calories affect you?

How do calories affect you?

Calories can be defined as potential energy for the body.


In fact, anything we eat is considered to be potential energy for our body. This energy can take the form of fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates or proteins, and each of these has a respective number of calories. For example, four calories are found in one gram of protein, one gram of fat contains nine calories, and four calories are found in one gram of carbohydrates.

Everyone needs a different amount of calories, depending on factors such as age, weight, and activity level. For example, a small child needs a great deal less than a full grown adult. Likewise, a construction worker needs more than someone working a desk job, because the active labour demands more calories.

In today’s world, you can always find out how many calories any food source contains. If you purchase a prepackaged product, it is required by law that the manufacturer posts the complete nutritional facts somewhere on the package. Even restaurants are required to keep tabs on such information, and most franchises have printouts of this information upon request.

If you want to calculate the number of calories you eat each day, it’s best to keep a log of your diet. This can tell you exactly how many calories you are consuming, as well as tell you if you need to cut back your calorie intake.

If you are eating too many calories, it can have serious consequences on your health.


If you are consuming more calories than your body burns each day, this can result in weight gain. Over an extended period of time, this can lead to severe health problems.

In order to help balance your calorie intake, you should participate in a regular exercise regimen. If you are not normally active, try jogging for just fifteen minutes each day. This can burn from 145 to 180 calories, and will help you lose weight over time. However, it’s best that you gradually increase the amount of exercise that you do each day, in order to increase your fitness level. With regular activity, you can live a healthy life, increase your fitness level and avoid potentially serious health problems.