Laser for pigmentation – What You Need to Know

Laser for pigmentation – What You Need to Know

Undoubtedly, laser treatments are a blessing. Laser for pigmentation has given us the opportunity to get rid of some annoying facial imperfections like acne spots, pigmentation, scars, etc. Laser technology is a powerful one. That is the reason why some aestheticians find it challenging to accomplish the best results possible when it comes to laser for pigmentation, explain the experts at OneFaceClinic . Many people blame the laser for unsuccessful laser procedures for pigmentation but actually, the laser is not guilty at all.  Part of the guilt is on the patient who doesn`t take all necessary measures before and after the procedure and part of the guilt is on the aesthetician who probably doesn`t have enough experience to provide it.

What are all the necessary measures before the laser for pigmentation?

You probably know how important is to protect yourself from the sunlight and UV lights. Laser for pigmentation is targeting darker spots on your skin – this is how laser understands the difference between pigmentation and ordinary skin. That`s why having sun protection is a MUST before laser treatment, otherwise, you will be with a suntan and the laser will burn you more than necessary.

Before the treatment patient should avoid all skin peelings and other cosmetic procedure, which will make the skin too sensitive. Laser for pigmentation is harsh treatment for your skin so you don`t have to stress it more.

Laser settings are important

There are two options – frequent treatments with lower power of the laser beam or not so frequent with a higher level. Some researches prove that frequent laser treatments at the same spot might turn into hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. That`s why these procedures are cheaper but not always effective. More than that they might be dangerous and provoke side effects which people can’t cope with months later. The optimum frequency for laser for pigmentation at OneFaceClinic is one procedure every 4-5 weeks.

laser equipment

Laser type is more important

Some aestheticians recommend one brand and type of laser because they own it. My advice is to visit a specialist with more than one laser machine equipment. Q-switched Nd Yag laser and Pico lasers are the most popular ones. They can cure different type of pigmentation. The first one is for more simple pigmentation spots, while the second one might get you rid of stubborn spots. Most aestheticians don`t know that because they don`t have the chance to use both lasers. In addition, they don`t educate themselves constantly so the knowledge can`t reach them. There is one interesting medical research for different types of laser used to cure pigmentation so if you are interested in this topic read more about it.

Choosing a good aesthetic specialist is also a challenge. It is true that Singapore is popular with its plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures but laser treatments are specific and require additional knowledge. Make sure that the specialist you have chosen have enough experience and had patients with different types of pigmentation. This way you will be calm that he will be able to distinguish your type and to help you cope with it.

Second thing patients usually forget is to ask what type of laser machine the specialist own. As we mentioned above, the best option is the aesthetician to have more than one laser or at least experience with more than one. If this is not an option, at least find out which type will suits you well and look for an aesthetician with exactly this type.