Long Work Hours May Cause Depression

Long Work Hours May Cause Depression

Working more may actually be hazardous to your mental health, according to the results of a new study.

Scientists at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health studied more than 2,000 white-collar workers for a five-year period. All of the workers were in good health, and none of them had a past history of mental disorders or depression. The average age of these workers was 47 at the start of the study.

The study had some not-so-surprising results. For the men and women who worked 11 hours per day or more, they had nearly double the risk of developing depression compared to test subjects who worked 8 hours per day or less.

Previous studies have already displayed a link between the workplace and mental disorders such as anxiety.

The study was carefully controlled, with parameters to rule out other factors influencing depression – such as socioeconomic status and substance abuse.

Perhaps we should take the results of this study to re-evaluate our work habits. While working long hours may bring in a higher income, it could have potentially harmful effects on your mental health, especially if you find your work environment to be stressful.