Nine benefits of a habitual sex life

Nine benefits of a habitual sex life

Once considered a taboo subject, now we are constantly analyzing our sex life.

Science has given us the opportunity to evaluate the exact befits of sex, and it is amazing how great sex is for your overall health. The moral? More time in the bedroom equals a longer, healthier life!


To the delight of most males, one of the benefits of a habitual sex life is reduced the chance of impotence. Interestingly enough, heart problems and impotence are linked together. Although daily exercise is recommended, if a man has sex more than three times a week, he reduces his chance of a heart attack by fifty percents.

Another benefit of having a habitual sex life is overall fitness. The more you exercise, the more in shape you become. It can even promote motivation to do more exercises outside of bed. An average session of lovemaking raises the heartbeat to about 150 beats per minute, which can burn approximately 200 calories. You get to exercise and strengthen various parts of your body. Plus, men get a chance to increase their testosterone level.

The third benefit of a habitual sex life is heightened senses, or that “feeling alive” feeling. The release of endorphins is the reason why sex is a sought-after experience. If you are feeling depressed, habitual sex can help change that drastically.

Adults who enjoy the benefits of habitual sex will tell you that they tend to get sick less often.

Medically, it has been proven that sex releases antibodies called immunoglobulin. These antibodies will lessen the frequency of flu, colds and cough.

For us men, a huge benefit of a habitual sex life is a prevention of prostate cancer as long as you do not practice habitual sex with multiple partners. (Having several sex partners increases your risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease which makes it something you should avoid at all costs.)

Intimacy is a feeling craved by most females, and one benefit of habitual sex life is increased intimacy with your partner. The moments after can be your most memorable moments with your partner.

Did you know you can actually lower cholesterol with sex?

This is a great benefit of habitual sex for people with high levels of bad cholesterol.

Not only do you get to exercise and enjoy it, you also get to relieve some of the stress in your life. With the endorphin release, you forget any emotional and mental stress you have, at least for the time being.

Finally, a great benefit of habitual sex for women is being able to produce hormones naturally. With habitual sex, a woman can increase her estrogen levels which in turn protects her heart and promotes a healthy weight.