Researchers claim rice contains unsafe levels of arsenic

Researchers claim rice contains unsafe levels of arsenic

You may have heard about unsafe levels of arsenic being discovered in some types of apple juice.

However, according to new data from researchers, rice could be another source of dangerous arsenic in the human diet.

The physiology of the rice plant makes it particularly susceptible to soaking up arsenic from soil and groundwater. Also, the cultivation method for many rice fields could be another reason for the high arsenic content.

While some experts say that a person would have to consume incredibly large quantities of arsenic-tainted rice for it to have any effect, there is a significant concern when it comes to children and infants. Many baby cereals are rice-based, and some baby formulas use rice ingredients. Babies and children are much more susceptible to the harmful effects of arsenic.

Another potentially worrying issue is that the arsenic found in rice is “inorganic” arsenic, which many researchers have theorized to be much more harmful to the human body.

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