Review Moby Wrap 100% Cotton Baby Carrier

Review Moby Wrap 100% Cotton Baby Carrier

Many mothers choose to carry their babies for a substantial part of the day. To make this easier, there is an incredibly overwhelming number of “baby carriers”, ranging from simple wraps to expensive designer baby portables. These carriers can range in price from around $40 to upwards of $800.

Today, we’re reviewing the Moby Wrap, one of the modestly priced babywearing systems offered by Moby Wrap Inc.

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The Moby Wrap is inexpensive compared to other babywearing systems. However, this doesn’t affect its quality. Currently, it’s one of the most popular babies carrying devices favoured by many babywearing moms.

Ease of Use

The Moby Wrap does take a bit of practice to use. The wrapping isn’t difficult, and the wrap comes with a picture guide on the different ways to wrap the Moby. There are also many useful YouTube videos that show alternative methods for using the Moby Wrap. Though it does take a bit of time to get accustomed to wrapping, the price and functionality seem to make it well worth it for most mothers.

Weight Limit

The Moby Wrap can be used for babies and toddlers from 8-35lbs. This is a higher upper weight limit than many other carriers, which makes the Moby usable for a longer period of time.


The Moby Wrap is made of 100% cotton. Since it’s a single long piece of fabric, it’s very easy to wash and dry. The packaging includes instruction for proper laundry care.

Back Strain

This is the place where the Moby Wrap shines. Because it’s a fabric wrap, it distributes a baby’s weight evenly over the back, neck and shoulders. Other carriers put a strain on one or two particular areas, making carrying a heavier baby difficult. Many mothers seem to find the Moby Wrap comfortable for wearing for extended periods of time.

One of the benefits of babywearing is that it promotes attachment between a caregiver and a child. Babywearing frees up both hands and allows a caregiver to maintain a close watch over their child. The Moby Wrap is comfortable enough that it can promote attachment for extended periods of time.

Recommended: Yes
Price: $37-$45