Revision in rhinoplasty price list

Revision in rhinoplasty price list

Changing and reshaping the nose has always been a dream for hundreds of people. Actually, they are not hundreds they are millions because data shows that only in USA people who have a nose job every year are more than 200,000. Patients choose some amazing nose, go with the photo to their plastic surgeon, he tells them the price and makes an appointment for the surgery. The rest is cutting, reshaping and stitching. Of course, results are usually aesthetic beautiful nose that is almost the same as the model. However, top rhinoplasty surgeons in Singapore offer different prices for the same procedure based on their experience and the popularity of the clinic, so we decided to look around the world for foreign prices in foreign clinics.

Plastic surgery price list

Have you heard about Latvia? It is a small country in Europe with amazing plastic surgeons and it is also cheap. You can have a brand-new nose for just 1,800 EUR in a week. Not only you will save a few dollars but also you are going sightseeing in beautiful Riga.

Turkey is the next stop

As part of both Europa and Asia, Turkey has some pretty good modern clinics. Many international medical brands have chosen the country to open clinics. Fresh plastic surgery specialists acquire their education around the world and come back home to provide a good care for people who desire to alter their noses. Having international experience is always a good idea so you can have a professional nose job for 2300 EUR. Sounds amazing, right?

There is nothing that Germans can’t do better

Although it is just a saying, there is some truth hiding in it. Having a rhinoplasty in Germany exposes you to a chance to be a patient of some of the world-famous plastic surgeons. Germans medical care is one of the best in the world and of course, the prices are a bit higher. You may spend 3100 EUR for the procedure. Don’t forget that this is the average cost so differences may occur due to the proficiency of the plastic surgeon. If you want a celebrity to make your nose, you have to pay for that.

Ireland’s rhinoplasty is the most expensive

Comparing to the Europe countries Ireland stays at the top of the price list of plastic surgeries. Not only, rhinoplasty is more expensive but every other medical procedure might break your cash box. If you are ready to travel and to be a part of so-called medical tourism, we don’t see a reason to give 4,400 EUR for a procedure in Ireland. Probably, the prices are so high because their women are gorgeous.

Having a rhinoplasty or going to the beach?

Brazil and Mexico are popular destinations for a nose job procedure especially if you are party animal and need a constant party around you. People who had a rhinoplasty in Brazil are more than 8% and in Mexico are 5.3% of all people who have the procedure at all. The price in both countries is less than it is the USA so many Americans use the opportunity. The average price is 1,500 USD. As you probably know in Canada the price of medical procedures is also higher so Canadians are other regular clients. However, Brazil and Mexico have a strong foundation in good plastic surgeries so as long as you choose a proper clinic you will be in good hands.

Do you know which country is the nose job capital of the word?



Iran’s cost for a nose job is 1450 USD and as you may expect many people from Europe and the USA visit the country. Although Iran has some strong rules about women behaviour and rights, there is no problem with medical tourists. Everyone can use Iran’s cheap rhinoplasty and medical care. Data shows that more than 10% of people, who had a rhinoplasty, visit Iran every year.

What about Asia?

The Best rhinoplasty is in Singapore but comparing to other countries the price is a bit higher.

The cheapest rhinoplasty in Singapore is around $8,000 and the most expensive could reach $20,000. These prices include local anaesthesia and the plastic surgeon’s fee. Of course, it strongly depends on the clinic because as in Germany, in Singapore there are many famous surgeons who have a really high fee. You can figure out the whole picture reading about rhinoplasty cost in Singapore on As we already mentioned, if you want your nose to be reshaped by a celebrity, there is a price to be paid.

How many people had a rhinoplasty?

More than 930,000 had a nose job surgery somewhere in the world. This number represents 8% of all plastic surgeries so you can imagine how big percentage is that. Although we strongly believe that men and women have equal participation in the plastic surgery market developing, the data shows that women are 70% while men who had the procedure are only 30%.

What should I look for in medical tourism offers?

Look for a quality. Cheaper offer is not always the best especially when it comes to a medical tourism and your health. Although rhinoplasty is not a heart surgery, it is under anaesthesia so it is still dangerous. Look for excellent hospitality because this means that the clinic has already a certain experience with patients from other countries. When you choose the destination, choose the clinic carefully, too. Don’t jump on the cheapest clinic only because you have chosen an expensive destination. Next step is choosing a good surgeon with international experience, like Dr Samuel Ho in Singapore, for example. He has international education and experience in rhinoplasty procedures. Many people along with the rhinoplasty want to undergo at least one more plastic surgery. If you are one of them, make sure that your surgeon has experience in both. Being the best in the only one means you are sacrificing the second. The quality of healthcare in one country is something really easy to find out. Just use online materials and read more about the most famous surgeons in the country and you will get the right impressions.