Singapore: The best procedures against dark eyes circles

Singapore: The best procedures against dark eyes circles

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. But when dark circles mark the eye area, it loses its radiance. 

The eye area can quickly betray your age and show a lack of tonicity and a bad lifestyle. It is also one of the first beauty concerns of women. Dark eyes circles are one of these annoyances (with bags, wrinkles and fine lines) that darken your look and age your face.

Are you tired of hiding your dark circles under rough makeup? You cannot bear anymore that your bags under the eyes make you look eternally bored? 

Rest assured, We have met some of the best beauty surgeons and cosmetic practitioners in Singapore to understand why so many people are facing this problem. 

Dark eye circles too visible, bags under the eyes inaccessible to drainage … Good news: there are some of the best and most radical solutions in surgery and aesthetic medicine to overcome them.

Why do we have dark eyes circles?

woman with dark eye circles yawning

The reasons and origins are many, but they are often hereditary and part of the natural life cycle and the ageing process.

The eye area is fragile. Thinner than the rest of the face, it is less abundant in collagen and elastin. The blood and lymphatic microcirculation are also crucial in this area. The result, the eye contour is the first to mark the signs of ageing or to betray an unhealthy lifestyle.

Dark circles are characterized by brown or even black pigmentation of the lower eyelid. It can be caused by extremely slow microcirculation which causes poor drainage of the melanin pigments, and as long as the skin is clear, it reveals a dark colour.

Dark circles can also be hereditary and caused by a natural overproduction of melanin (the cause of tanning). A problem generally encountered in people with dark or mixed skin.

Aesthetic and dark circles removal in Singapore

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As the best beauty doctors and cosmetic clinics in Singapore told us, there are two causes of bags under the eyes: those due to slight oedema, causing localized water retention, easily accessible to drainage, and those caused by a small fatty mass under the lower eyelid.

Singapore is becoming the mecca for cosmetics and aesthetic treatments and surgeries. There you will find the best clinics and beauty salons with of the most recognized staff and doctors.

It is part of the reasons why many patients are flying to Singapore to treat dark eyes circles and deep pockets. TheLookBook has compiled a great list of the best dark eye circle treatments in Singapore which you can read at

Remove puffiness and dark eyes circles without scars

Only “fatty” dark pockets require a surgical procedure in Singapore, and they are often a hereditary “trademark”. They are caused by a weakness in the rigid membrane that surrounds the orbit and is more common in people who have a large orbit. They are easily removed by the surgeon regardless of the age of the patient. 

Using a laser scalpel, the surgeon goes through the inside of the eyelid and removes the pocket of fat. It is done in about 20 minutes under light sedation and does not leave scars. 

Optional solution for those who find that their eyelid is a little withered, the surgeon passes a little fractionated CO2 laser to tighten the skin slightly.

It is an excellent procedure as it leaves no scar or redness. Besides, you only need to we wear glasses for two to three days to protect the slightly red skin.

Finally, only one session is enough, as the result is final.

Other treatments available for dark circles removal in Singapore

For surgery on the bags below the eyes, you can count between US 2.000 and USD 3.000. But you also have other options and some great treatments for dark eyes circles removal in the best clinics.

To remove dark circles: lipofilling or hyaluronic acid

For dark skin pockets and dark circles due to the richness in melanin around the eye, you can also choose to go for a lipofilling or hyaluronic acid procedure. These techniques are perfect for thin skin with dark and blue circles revealing the capillary network.

With both these procedures, the results are immediate, and we can consider that the results are identical for both techniques. There may be a little redness or bruise easily concealed under makeup. However, after only a few weeks, you will get this great natural look.

Lipofilling for dark eyes circles

Lipofilling consists of taking a small amount of fat on the body (belly, thigh) and then injecting it after centrifugation at the level of the ring, under the skin, using tiny cannulas. The procedure lasts about half an hour for both eyes, the patient being under local anaesthesia. If he is very anxious, we can make him take a little sedation.

For lipofilling, you can expect that two sessions are sometimes necessary but the results last several years.

Hyaluronic acid to treat dark circles

This other technique consists of injecting very fluid hyaluronic acid in regular and progressive topping under the skin at the level of the ring. The intervention lasts about ten minutes, in the chair.

With hyaluronic acid, a single session is enough, but it must be repeated every two years. 

Dark eyes circles peeling

Dark circles peeling is also a suitable technique for treating dark circles with sagging skin or coloured dark circles.

The peeling of the dark eyes pockets in Singapore consists of an application of a chemical by a cotton swab over the entire surface of the lower lid and part of the upper eyelid. 

This chemical will allow the skin to flake which will induce a growth factor so there will be a form of retraction of the skin and thickening of it. The lower eyelid is, by nature, extremely thin, the fact of counteracting sagging skin will reduce fine lines and bury the 

Dark eyes circles laser treatment

The laser is the most suitable method for dark coloured circles because it will act on the origin of the pigmentation of the skin at the level of the lower eyelid. 

Depending on the size of the dark circles, it may be necessary to carry out several sessions or to complete the laser treatment with a peeling. By removing the colour that dark circles bring under the eyes, the face will appear less tired but also less aged.

Treatment of dark circles by radiofrequency

In the case of some dark eyes circles, fractional radiofrequency is a correctly indicated technique. 

Almost painless and without social foreclosure, fractional radiofrequency delivers energy pulses via a hundred micro-needles that penetrate the skin 1 or 2 mm deep.

The radiofrequency waves cause stimulation of the dermis and thickening of the skin.