Study says Coffee May Enhance Editing Ability

Study says Coffee May Enhance Editing Ability

Your morning cup of coffee might be doing more than just keeping you awake, according to a recent study.

A senior cognitive scientist at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center has discovered an interesting link between coffee and certain complex brain performances. One of the notable ways that coffee seems to enhance brain performance is in the area of extracting meaning from written or spoken language. So, basically — it enhances your proofreading skills.

Here’s an excerpt:

Caffeine only seemed to make a difference in the student’s ability to spot and fix “complex global errors.” These were mistakes in subject-and-verb agreement (for example, billionaire inventor Tony Stark enjoy a lavish lifestyle) and verb tense (for example, customers were misled into believing they had got approved for low interest loans).”

The study also found that people who consume large amounts of caffeine on a regular basis need higher concentrations of caffeine in order to have the same “editing benefits”. For people who aren’t regular coffee drinkers, a lower amount of caffeine still seemed to enhance editing ability.