The Difference Between Good and Bad Carbohydrates

The Difference Between Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the basic nutrients your body needs to function properly. Today, it is now differentiated as either good or bad carbohydrate. The difference between bad and good carbohydrate is that the bad carbohydrate is also known as the simple carbohydrate, and the good carbohydrate is known as the complex carbohydrate.

The other difference between bad and good carbohydrate is that the bad carbohydrate is the refined, simple sugar. The reason this is not the more desirable carbohydrate to eat is that eating it gives you a surge in your blood sugar and causes you to gain weight. It can also promote the development of diabetes.

The good carbohydrate does not cause you to have sudden surges in your blood sugar.

It is also the recommended kind of carbohydrate for those on low carb diets.

To illustrate the difference between bad and good carbohydrate, let’s look at a simple scenario of eating dessert. If you use a good substitute for sugar in your cake like brown sugar, you are going to be able to enjoy your desert better because of the switch to a less refined carbohydrate.   You don’t expose your body to plain sugar, which can leave you feeling lethargic after the sugar rush. Neither do you gain excessive weight from all the simple white sugar you consume?

Some good carbohydrates come in the most natural form as possible as fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugar.

This is good because our body needs it to keep us going. Aside from giving us the energy to do physical activities, good carbohydrates help us in our normal body functions like breathing and digestion.

Meanwhile, the problem with bad carbohydrates is the weight gain and the sudden crash from the sugar high. Do you ever get that feeling when you suddenly lose energy? After a whole day of stocking up on carbohydrates, at one point in the afternoon, you suddenly feel a heavyweight come down upon you. Your eyes feel tired, your body feels heavy, you can hardly function much more engage in any strenuous activity. You have been eating the wrong kind of carbohydrates. What you have been feeding your body was sugar, plain and simple.

If you plan on having an active day, instead of eating candy and chocolate to keep you going, why not try some whole grain cereal or pasta? Not only will you be able to stock up on reserve energy to get you through your day, you do not get hungry. This is one of the obvious difference in bad and good carbohydrates that you can personally experience.

Bad carbohydrates are also easy to digest which will explain why we can get hungry and tired after a while. If we eat good carbohydrates, the nutrients are not as easily digested and are usually packed with fibre.

Easily the difference between bad and good carbohydrates is that one is refined, and the other is more natural. The problem with refined carbohydrates is that when the process of refining happens, nutrients are lost. Since the concentration is on the sugar content, you can bombard your pancreas with too much glucose. Glucose is the blood sugar that is made when we consume carbohydrates. It is glucose that is used to give us the energy to function.

Refined carbohydrates are also not good because the fibre is removed from the carbohydrates which are needed to slow down the sugar release into our body. We need to lessen the number of bad carbohydrates in our body, especially if we want to lose a few pounds. The increase in intake of good carbohydrates will more than compensate for the need for sugar by our bodies. Clearly, there is a big difference between bad and good carbohydrates.