Threadlift is a substitution of Facelift

Threadlift is a substitution of Facelift

Aesthetic medicine has evolved so much over the last decades that we should be proud of the quality medicine we have today. It was not so long ago when the plastic surgeon was considered as bad magicians who don’t appreciate the natural beauty. Today, they are exactly the people who highly appreciate it. One plastic surgery is well made when the patient natural beauty is highlighted not hidden. Every professional surgeon will confirm that in the early day of plastic surgery there are things that shouldn’t have happened – like too many silicons, fillers or not human facial features. However, today we are witnesses of aesthetic surgery exactly what it should be. More treatments are modern and non-invasive and don’t have recovery time at all. Thread lift, for example, is a complete substitute to the facelift without stitches and recovery time.

What is Korean thread lift?

Korean thread lift, also called La Racine Threadlift, is able to volume up facial fat easily. Ageing causes to our faces things we don’t like and can’t control. Areas around the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks lose puffiness and people start to lose self-esteem. Not only skin loses vitality, but connective tissue loses thickness and of course, results are not good. Korean thread lift uses degrading threads that give back perfect shape of the face. In addition, they are made by a substance that provokes skin cells to start producing collagen again. Collagen production is essential for skin vitality. Unfortunately, ageing has something in common with collagen amount and they don’t love each other too much. In other words, as we age, collagen in the cells decreases.

What is the difference between thread lift and facelift?

OK, these two are completely different procedures. As we said, Korean Threadlift, the one, which is performed in Singapore, is a non-invasive method without incisions and cutting the skin. A facelift is something else – it is a surgery. As every typical surgery, there is a downtime for recovery after the surgery and cutting and stitching. The surgeon will tighten your skin manually and will stitch it to your forehead with few incisions. Of course, it is delicate procedure but in general, this is the explanation. Korean Threadlift in Singapore is something that is cheaper and doesn’t have recovery time at all. Thread lifts are injected and all that is left are few dots from the injection but they vanish fast. Today, this procedure is more popular than the surgical facelift because it has more benefits and fewer downsides. It is worth checking, right?

How long will I see the effect?

The shortest answer is 2 years. First 6 months thread lifts will degrade and will release the collagen and collagen stimulating substance. Next year or year and a half skin cells will produce more collagen and the skin will look refreshed and vital. Surgical facelift lasts longer but it doesn’t stop ageing. In a few years the skin will go on to lose volume and new signs on ageing will appear. Of course, a surgical facelift is way more expensive than thread lift because of the complexity of the surgery.

How much time will I lose?

If you choose to undergo a Korean thread lift in Singapore you should make a good research and find the best dermatologist. He will know exactly how to position the threads to achieve the results you want. In Singapore, Korean thread lift is a popular procedure so you should expect to find many good surgeons. However, the best option is to find the one who had the most experience and most happy patients. This way you will be sure that you are in good hands. The procedure itself is long less than an hour and you can immediately go back to your daily life without any side effect that may reveal what you have done with your face.