Top hair loss myths

Top hair loss myths

We are trying to live more and more informed life and every myth or misbelief ruins all efforts. Hair loss is a significant problem from ages. We have found pieces of evidence that ancient people have had the same problem. However, the only advantage we might extract from this information is that we are not fighting with something new. As you may know, the oldest health conditions have the most treatments … unfortunately, half of them don’t work at all. These myths don’t just mislead people but they often they can prevent the real hair loss treatments from having the desired effect. That’s why realizing what will help and what will not is essential.

We`ve made a complete list with top hair loss myths that you shouldn’t believe. Let’s sneak peek and learn something new.

What is the connection between hair loss and age?

Often people explain hair loss with ageing but in fact, it both are not so connected as people think.

hair loss and ageing

Myth 1: As we age, hair loss is inevitable

In contrary to this statement, there are teens with significant hair loss and elder people who had an enviable mane. That’s why we can’t say that baldness is a must at a certain age. However, if you experience hair loss and you are a teenager or too young for this nightmare then you have to check if it is inheritable or there is some hidden reason. Progressive hair loss often is a symptom of something else to pay attention.

Myth 2: As we age, hair loss will stop

No, it won’t. Menopause can actually increase the strength of hair loss. In contrary, men will experience reduced hair loss but it won’t stop. Unfortunately, ageing has some unpleasant characteristics that are not negotiable.

Myth 3: I will be completely bald at 55

Nope, you are not going to be completely bald. Or at least, there is no certain age for that. However, male pattern baldness is progressive and unstoppable but its speed is different for everyone. That’s why no one can guess when he will be completely bald.

Is it true that testosterone is a reason for baldness?

Myth 4: If you have more testosterone, you will be bald

Not true! Some people disseminate the fact that men are bald because they are more men than others are (they have more testosterone). If you check your favourite characters from movies, you will notice how the strongest are the baldest. However, studies have shown that higher levels Dihydrotestosterone are found in people, who have experienced male pattern hair loss. The important thing is that a higher level of it has been found in people who don’t have hair loss also. So there is no strong dependency between both. Tissue DHT increases when hair loss starts so this is a sign you can trace. Another important thing you should have in mind is that your hair follicles are sensitive to the level of your Dihydrotestosterone. So the dependency is between how sensitive are they not how much testosterone you have.

male baldness and testoterone

How you should take care of your hair to prevent hair loss?

Sometimes we wash our hair too often or use too many stylizing products. Is it possible the reason for hair loss to hide there? Let’s see what people think and what is totally wrong.

Myth 5: My hair products cause my hair loss

A hairstyle is something important if you want to look good. The cosmetic industry has created numerous sprays and waxes that help people to freeze their locks. Hair cosmetic is specially created not to harm or increase oils on the scalp that’s why it can’t be a reason for your hair loss.

Myth 6: My shampoo causes hair loss

OK, let’s make it clear – shampoos clean the scalp and wash away the dirt that clogs pores. They can’t loosen hair follicles and cause hair loss. You might find a bigger amount of hair after you wash it but this is because shampoo helps you to remove what is already lost.

Myth 7: Drying is responsible for hair falling

No, blow-drying is responsible for reduced hair strength but it doesn’t have an effect on follicles. That’s why next time you want to dry your hair with a hairdryer, just do it without thinking too much. If you want to protect your hair from the heat, apply some oils after or before the drying and you will be all set.

hair care and hair loss

What is the common between hats and hair loss?

Myth 8: Hats suffocates the scalp

Please make sure you will remember this one – hats can’t cause hair loss except they are so tight that press your hair really hard. If this is the case you won’t feel comfortable to wear that hat. Traction alopecia is the name of baldness caused by pulling hair and tight hats. Of course, this can’t cause progressive hair loss so as soon as you stop pulling your hair or remove the hat the problem is solved.

Myth 9: Hats prevent hair supply with oxygen

Totally wrong. Hair doesn’t have a nose so it breathes and gets the oxygen from the scalp and blood. Hats don’t interfere with hair breathing at all.

So the conclusion is that wearing a hat is only bad or good for your image, your hair doesn’t care.

hats and hair loss

Who is responsible that you don’t have stronger follicles and your hair falls?

If you ask online you will get answers that are inheritable and you should blame your relatives. Let’s find out if this is true:

Myth 10: Check the hair of your mother’s father

Mothers are always responsible for all sorts of things but this one is pointing to her father. Thankfully, this has nothing in common with the truth. You can’t blame single gene for your hair loss because it is polygenetic. In other words, many genes (from your whole family) combine and form your hair.

Myth 11: It is your mother’s fault

Nope, mothers are not guilty of everything including this one. As we explained above it might come from both sides of your family.

hair loss and inheritance

What is the connection between hair falling and stress?

Myth 12: Fast agenda and stress are significant reasons for your hair loss

OK, imagine that you have forgotten your keys at home and you have to go back. Then you break your mug at work and miss the bus, and you are late for a meeting… All these events will cause stress but this type of stress won’t cause you to go bald. It may cause some rage and crying but not hair loss. Temporary hair loss might occur after some incident, illness or eating disorder. They can cause telogen effluvium and alopecia areata, but the process is reversible and you will be able to restore it as soon as you take measures. Recovery process includes removing the cause of stress, healing from the illness or eating disorder, taking pills and applying creams at your scalp.

hair loss and stress

The rest myths we will list are really interesting and curious. We have no idea how they have been created but we are glad that we can ruin them.

Myth 13: Brushing is bad. Don’t brush your hair!

Yes, if you want to look like you live in a cave don’t brush it. Brushing can tear some hair but it won’t cause progressive hair loss and new locks will grow up fast.

Myth 14: If I want a tan, I should sacrifice my hair because tanning beds are causing baldness

Totally wrong statement! Tanning beds are a resource of vitamin D. Our skin and hair is thirsty for vitamin D constantly. Lack of it might cause hair baldness, not the opposite. However, too much usage of the tanning bed can cause other problems so be careful with them.

Myth 15: Hair cosmetic and treatments will create new follicles

No, it is just not the truth. Most hair cosmetic is able to strengthen existing hair but not to create a new one. Some treatments are able to restore balding spots by moving existing follicles into them but this is not exactly creating new ones.

Myth 16: Hair transplantation doesn’t look like real hair

Non-sense! Hair transplantation is your hair – it can’t look fake because it is not. Follicular unit extraction moves the hair but doesn’t change it so the natural look is preserved.

This is our list with top hair loss myths and we hope you find all of them useful. Remember that truth is important and myths can’t stay forever!