What is common between hair loss and anaemia?

What is common between hair loss and anaemia?

At first sight, both things don’t have anything in common but if we dig deeper into hair loss causes we will find something else. Although numerous things can cause hair loss, anaemia is one of the biggest reasons. The secret is hiding in the anaemia causes. In fact, anaemia and hair loss could have the same source – iron deficiency. Iron is a mineral that is responsible for a thousand things in our bodies. OK, not thousands but dozens. For example, iron is essential for producing haemoglobin (this is a medical name for red blood cells) and haemoglobin is responsible for distributing oxygen into your body. It sounds complex but in fact, the process is pretty simple. If you have some troubles with nutrition and you don’t provide the necessary quantity of iron supplement, oxygen can’t reach your hair and nails. The human body structure is made to supply the most important organs, first. As you probably know, hair and nails are not on the list because the heart and lungs, for example, are more important.

What should I do if I lose hair and I doubt it is indeed anaemia?

First, don’t panic and book a GP examination. Your doctor will tell you what type of blood examins you should do. The list should include TIBC, Ferritin levels, Serum Iron and Transferrin Saturation level. All of them will show whether you have troubles with iron. In case, your iron levels are too low, then you will have to buy some supplements and change your diet in order to increase the iron. More people make the same mistake and drink too many supplements in order to see the fastest results. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t work like this and receiving too many iron pills may cause some side effects so don’t do that.

Ferritin levels are responsible for hair loss so you can read your tests, too. Ferritin is stored in every cell of your body so it matters. In addition, it matters because it is practically stored already iron. Imagine that you are on a diet and don’t eat fats. When you don’t eat enough fats and your body needs them it withdraw them from your fat deposits. The same is with iron deposits in the cells. They are not called iron deposits but ferritin. When the body has enough ferritin, then cells are able to provide hair enough energy for the anagen phase (growing phase). Of course, when the body doesn’t have enough ferritin the energy goes to the heart, first. If you notice that in your blood tests there is no ferritin level, ask your GP to make some additional tests in order to reveal the problem with hair loss.

What does it mean “hair loss”?

We lose hairs constantly because every hair goes through several phases and one of them is withering and falling. However, the next one should restore the losses and we should have an equal quantity of hairs. If you notice that you have hair on your hairbrush this is not disturbing. It will be disturbing if you have more hair loss than usual. Knowing your body is essential in finding health issues. The first level of hair loss is more hair on the hairbrush and the last one is a bald spot. If you notice a bald spot on your head, you should consult with a doctor or a dermatologist, as soon as possible. They will tell you what you should change as hair care or a diet.



What should I eat to prevent a hair loss?

Food is important because we are what we eat. Staying rich in iron is easy when you follow a few rules. Have in mind, that sometimes it is not enough to just change our diet, supplements are needed, too. Hair loss due to iron deficiency is a stubborn health condition and needs time to improve. However, the food you shouldn’t ignore is red meat and inwards, like kidneys and liver. Favourite to all kids, spinach and broccoli should exist in the menu, also. If you don’t like fruits, you will have to start liking them because peaches and apricots are an inevitable part of this diet. In addition, Almonds, Walnuts, and Beetroot could help a lot, too. Actually, fruits with vitamin C are recommendable, too. Vitamins are not so important as iron but we can’t function without them with our complete potential.

Hair loss data

If you think that you are the only one who experience some hair loss you are completely wrong. The data shows that only in USA people spend more than 3 million dollars for hair loss treatments and cosmetic products as hair masks and shampoos. We don’t claim that all of them don’t work but most people don’t determine the reasons and guess the treatment which is not a proper way to do that.