What is Invisalign Singapore?

What is Invisalign Singapore?

Today we are going to focus on modern dental solutions, like Invisalign. Parents always have some strict requirements about their children teeth hygiene. Unfortunately, no matter how precise we brush out teeth sometimes some imperfections are inevitable. Most of them, of course, is genetic – like a cross bite or tooth gap. As you can guess, simple brushing is powerless in front of these troubles so orthodontists have found numerous different ways of coping. Modern medicine offers tone solutions including Invisalign, braces and brackets.

What are the benefits of Invisalign Treatment?

Unlikely, other types of brackets, Invisalign are comfortable for wearing. They are almost non-invisible and people who delay improving their teeth because they can’t afford to look like teenagers, can 100% be sure this treatment is exactly for them. It is not a secret that most people are extremely careful with their appearance and don’t make compromises. Wearing a wire across their teeth is not aesthetic or beautiful. People, we speak with, always notice if we have something on our teeth – food or wire.

In addition, while we are chewing little particles food stuck in the brackets because you can’t remove them. This is one huge advantage of Invisalign because you can remove them while you are eating and put them back after it. Actually, Invisalign aligners should be on your teeth 22, 23 hours every day. So you have enough time to eat and drink without being afraid that food particles will stick in it.

What exactly are Invisalign aligners?

First, your dentist or orthodontist will tell you if you need correction of your teeth, and then he or she will explain to you about different types of braces. Next step is 3D scanning of your teeth so the orthodontist to determine the treatment and its duration. Special technology will define how fast your teeth will move in the right direction and how often you have to change your aligners. Invisalign aligners are changeable aligners so you will have brand-new pair every few weeks. They are made by BPA-free plastic and that’s why they are transparent. The good thing about this material is that he is not rough and teeth are not damaged, unlikely wired and brackets. Thanks to the new technology, aligners force teeth to get in order for a shorter time period than braces. It takes up to 2 years while normal braces for more than 2 years. Of course, the exact time period might be determined right before the end because teeth might move with different speed but the treatment has provided the best foundation for the fastest improvement.

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What can I use Invisalign aligners for?

The application of this special type of aligners is not just one. Your dentist might recommend it to you if you have misaligned teeth, gaps, crossbite, crowded teeth, underbite, open bite or overbite. Some orthodontists recommend Invisalign aligners before dental surgery.

Specialists in Singapore

In Singapore, there are plenty of dentists but orthodontists are not so many. Especially, when it comes to orthodontists that have enough experience their number is even smaller. If you want to find the right type of specialist, we recommend you to look for an orthodontist who has experience with Invisalign treatment, such as the experts at Dental Designs, for example. There are a few things you should look for:

  1. Ask about orthodontist’s experience;
  2. Having international experience is a bonus;
  3. Ask about previous patients;
  4. Ask about what type of treatments they offer – some orthodontists don’t work with Invisalign so make sure that you have asked;
  5. Choose a specialist that you feel comfortable with;
  6. Choose a clinic that you will be able to reach easily.

Invisalign treatment requires often visits to the orthodontist’s office. Although the number of visits is not even close to the number of visits if you have traditional braces, it is still something you should do and will take time. That’s why the best solution is to find an orthodontist’s office which is close or at least in the central area with easy access.

Invisalign is a new treatment and most people still haven’t heard about it. However, results that you can accomplish with Invisalign aligners are greater and you get them faster so it is just a matter of time to overstep on all other types aligners.