What should the best physiotherapy offer?

What should the best physiotherapy offer?

The best physiotherapy is a wide term, which includes numerous techniques and practices. Although there are some rules, most physiotherapists have their own a set of exercises based on their experience. The most important thing about physiotherapy is that its aim is to accomplish permanent relief while slowly decreasing the pain. A human body is a well-structured machine that sometimes needs rest. Unfortunately, we might not offer rest and relief as often as we need so pain occurs in response.

When pain occurs, we often try to ignore it until it becomes a severe one. It is not a secret that this behaviour is a mistake. Pain might change the way the human body moves without the patient realizes it. The human body used to adapt to the mid pain, for example, the patient might sit more carefully, don’t squat from knees, avoid bending, etc. Physiotherapy is able to relieve that type of pain without antibiotics or injections.

What can physiotherapy do for your pain?

Although physiotherapy is based on identical structures in the human body, experienced physiotherapists, like the ones at Physioactive, know that every patient is different. Some treatments are good for one person, but they might not give good results on other people that’s why physiotherapy should be provided only by people with enough education and experience. First, physiotherapist should want to know what are a patient’s injuries and style of life. There is a difference between a 50 years old woman and 18 years old athlete. The physiotherapist will make your treatment plan and will closely observe the progress. If something is not right, he will change the treatment plan. Every treatment plan includes one of these things that we have listed below:

  • Manual therapy;
  • Exercises – working out b yourself is essential in order to find balance;
  • Electrotherapy
  • Needling;
  • Taping.

All of these things are able to relieve pain one by one or provided together. Trusting your physiotherapist is essential so choosing the right one matter.

What physiotherapy can do for an injury?

The worst case scenario is when one injury is neglected and transform into chronic pain. Good news is that most people don’t wait so long and seek for help almost on time. You might suffer from pain because you have injured bone, ligament, muscle or joint. Traumas and accidents happen so there is nothing that you should stop you from getting back your regular movement. Which parts of the human body are most vulnerable to traumas and injuries?

  • Back and neck injuries are one of the most common;
  • Knee and elbow injuries usually happen to younger children or during sports activities;
  • Foot and lower leg injuries are common for overweight people;
  • Shoulder injuries;
  • Hip injuries.

Lower back manyal therapy physiotherapy

What physiotherapy can do for your back and neck pain?

The best physiotherapy, provided in Physioactive, pays attention to the back because the spine is responsible for most of the body movements. In addition, the average patient stays too much in front of a computer or behind a desk which affects body posture. If you have bad posture and your head position is not right, you might cause extra weight to your spine. Neck and spine are connected so have it in mind. Physiotherapists will find out what is the reason for your neck or back pain and will include more exercises and manual therapy exercises for these parts. When they focus on these parts, pain at first increases but soon after that disappears. Physiotherapy can help with whiplash, prolong sitting,

Can physiotherapy help with post-surgery recovery?

Not only that most surgeries require physiotherapy, as the following step, but some of them require physiotherapy before the surgery, also. Although every physiotherapy is a delicate process, the physiotherapy after surgery is the most delicate one. Orthopaedic surgeries need rehabilitation because most orthopaedic problems can’t be solved with the surgery, only.

Can physiotherapy help with Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a major problem. People who have it experience severe pain in the bones. In addition, their bones are predisposed to traumas and injuries so if one occurs the pain is inevitable. The best physiotherapy has specifically designed programme for osteoporosis treatment and prevention. The aim of this special programme is to strengthen muscles, ligaments and joints. In result, a patient’s mobility will increase together with coordination and balance.