Youth Restored: Procedures, Costs, and Other Facts When Getting a Facelift in Singapore

Youth Restored: Procedures, Costs, and Other Facts When Getting a Facelift in Singapore

Sad fact: everything in this world is temporary. This is very much true especially when it comes to our skin. As we age, our body goes through a series of “wear and tear.” Some may be because of natural reasons; others may be brought about by external factors, such as an unhealthy diet or harmful vices. Looking at the physical aspect of our body, the consequences of ageing appear most noticeably in our skin, specifically the skin that covers our face.

Our face is the most judged part of our body, simply because it holds the most prominent and critical features that enable us to live. It is also the area of the body that ages significantly faster than others. The skin on our face is prone to early signs of ageing. When these occur, it may make us look old, tired, sickly, or unattractive. One of the most dreaded problems that a lot of individuals experience is sagging skin.

Nobody is exempted from sagging skin.

Even the richest or healthiest person in the world gets sagging skin. It is unavoidable, but it can be improved. There are numerous cosmetic treatments available to improve sagging skin. If you are looking for the right procedure that will suit your condition, finances, and time, you are in luck as this article will lay down the facts for you.

Facelift: What is it?

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Facelift is a procedure that is done through different cosmetic ways targeting saggy skin affecting the certain areas of the face, such as the cheeks, chin, and jowls. As its name suggests, a procedure’s end result is to lift the face’s skin, making it more youthful in appearance. You can say goodbye to drooping jowls, saggy cheeks, upturned mouth, hanging skin, and double chins with a facelift procedure.

Types of Facelift in Singapore: Surgical vs. Non-surgical Procedures

Generally, there are two categories for facelift procedures offered by medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore. These are surgical and non-surgical procedures.

A non-surgical facelift, are procedures that address the same problems, but use methods that may either be invasive minimally or not at all. The number of non-surgical facelift is still growing as aesthetic technology continues to improve and develop over the years. The most common non-surgical facelift procedures available in Singapore are:

  • Botox
  • Dermal fillers
  • Infrared light
  • Lasers
  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Threadlifts

Surgical facelifts, on the other hand, are considered as invasive procedures. This entails the use of surgical tools to create incisions in the skin in order to work with tissues and muscles beneath the skin that causes sagging. These are lifted, tightened, and moved resulting in the skin’s younger looking appearance once the surgery is completed. Surgical facelifts can be further categorized into two:

  • Full facelift
  • Mini facelift

A full facelift addresses the whole face, including the neck area. It targets sagging skin in the following areas:

  • Areas near the mouth
  • Eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Jaw lines
  • Neck

A mini facelift only targets specific areas of the face, specifically the cheeks and jowls.

Comparing costs, downtime, and results: should you go for facelift surgery or the opposite?

Facelift cost Singapore

The answer to this question will greatly depend on the final results that a patient wants to achieve. To give you an overview, here’s a brief comparison of both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

    Cost    Mini facelift – $10,000Full facelift – $40,000    Botox starts at $150Dermal fillers start at $500HIFU starts at $600Threadlifts start at $1,000  
  Time needed to complete a procedure    Takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete  Maybe done in under an hour
  Downtime    Two to four weeks  Zero to two days
                Risks and Side Effects    BruisingFeverHematoma or excessive bleedingInfectionNerve damageScarringSkin necrosisSwellingChanges affecting skin sensationOther complications brought about by an operation   The risks and side effects can be permanent.    Mild bruisingSlight swellingSkin discoloration (redness)NumbnessThread migration or extrusion (for threadlifts)   All are temporary and will subside in a few days.
      Duration of Results      Mini facelifts – two to six yearsFull facelifts – eight to 12 years      One to two years maximum.

Qualifying a facelift candidate: what are the criteria to consider?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a suitable candidate for all kinds of facelift procedures. Those who are brave enough, have unlimited sources to cover costs, and want results to last longer can always opt to go for a facelift surgery. Likewise, the surgical method for facelift is recommended for individuals who have severe skin sagging. However, if you have certain medical conditions, these may disqualify you from undergoing any kind of facelift treatments, so better to consult with your doctor first.

Non-surgical facelift procedures can be your solution to skin sagging if, of course, you are not ready to face all the costs, discomfort, risks, and side effects that a surgery can bring. Do note that each procedure has their own specific criteria to qualify a suitable candidate, so ask your doctor. Also, the results of these procedures are temporary. If you wish to maintain your face’s youthful appearance, maintenance may be needed. If you come to think of it, repeated sessions may cost more than surgery when stretched for a long period of time.

Last advice: choose an expert surgeon or doctor to do your facelift.

Trust me; you do not want your face to look worse than it originally was when it only had sagging skin. A botched operation or procedure can cost you more than beauty—if any of these procedures are done by an inexperienced individual, the results can seriously harm even your body’s overall health. Only go for licensed doctors and surgeons, and also clinics that use authentic machines and products to be safe!

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